4 Year UG Programme

B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Welcome to the B.Tech program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at College of Engineering Attingal

Our program prepares students with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in the ever-green field of Electrical Engineering.

Electrical Engineering is that branch of Engineering that deals with the study of the application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It is a discipline that focuses on the design, development, and implementation of electric circuits, electrical systems and stationary & rotating machines. The graduated students can work on large power plants as well as small hardware companies which include designing, manufacturing and operating power plants, industrial machinery, electrical motors, lighting and ignition systems for automobiles, aircraft, space crafts and all kinds of engines. A qualified electrical engineer has the option to choose his/her line of work from a range of areas like power plants, naval systems, space crafts, defence, electronic gadgets, radars, navigation systems, etc.

At College of Engineering Attingal, we inspire to provide our students with a strong foundation in core subjects such as electronic circuits, machines, control systems, power systems and electromagnetics. Laboratory hands-on sessions and workshops enable the students to perform well in real time projects and consultancy works at different working environments.

The department is always offering students projects with socially relevant subjects in their B.Tech curriculum. The projects like electric bike, solar PV Street light etc were attained great appreciation among the public through newspapers and social media. The graduated students are well-prepared to contribute to the advancement of society through technological innovation and excellence.